Fall Digital Pedagogy Workshops

Welcome (back) to everyone as we start the Fall 2015 semester at Austin College! Here at Digital Pedagogy@Austin College, we’re looking forward to a new year of activities and projects to support student and faculty learning across the curriculum. In particular we’d like to announce a schedule of weekly digital pedagogy workshops that will be offered this fall. These will be one-hour, hands-on tutorials designed to give faculty ideas and skills to use in the classroom and for professional development. Our plan is to offer each workshop twice a week–once on Tuesday at 4:30 pm, and then again Wednesday at 11:00 am, in Abell Library (probably in Abell 102, but we’ll let you know for sure).

Here’s what we have planned:

  • September 8/9–”Growing Your Academic Network with Twitter”
  • September 15/16–”Using Social Media in Teaching and Learning”
  • September 22/23–”Got Blog? Getting Started with WordPress”
  • September 29/30–”Incorporating Student Blogs in Your Course”
  • October 6/7 –”Digital Publishing with Scalar”
  • October 13/14–”Using Digital Maps in Your Class”
  • October 20/21-”Wikipedia Assignments: What, How, and Why”
  • October 27/28–”Leveraging Student Interests Through Social Bookmarking”
  • November 3/4–”Using Hypothes.is for Collaborative Digital Annotation”
  • November 10/11–”Creating Rich Interactive Timelines with Timeline JS”
  • November 17/18–”Fair Use, Copyright, and Creative Commons Licenses”
  • December 1/2—”Study Abroad with Technology and Media: Tips, Tools, and Apps”

We’ll be blogging about each topic ahead of time to give you further context and resource material. This schedule isn’t carved in stone; if there is particular interest in other topics, we can consider adjustments and/or put those on the schedule for the spring semester. So let us know what you think. Also, if other times prove more feasible, we’re willing to be flexible.

Of course, Mo and Brett are always available for conversation, consultation, and support for your questions and issues of pedagogy and digital technologies. So give us a shout, and follow us here on the blog, in our Facebook group, and on our Twitter feed.

2 thoughts on “Fall Digital Pedagogy Workshops”

  1. Another topic to throw into the mix for spring maybe would be Sway, which seems like Microsoft’s next generation PowerPoint. I downloaded it on my iPad and some of the tutorials look cool but I haven’t really played with it yet.

    • I just saw a reference to this for the first time a couple of days ago…don’t know anything about it yet, but will add to the list for spring.


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