Julie Hempel/Terry Hoops

Project Proposal

This project centers on digital mapping linked to the Mellon partnered Hybrid Identities courses on Asian Immigrants in Latin America and the US.  In addition to creating a digital map of Querétaro, Mexico, which would include conversations with Japanese and Korean immigrants, our courses would include a mapping of Asian immigrants and their descendants in the Texoma area (or possibly the North Texas area).   In the first iteration of the course, students would work in groups to record digital video of ethnographic conversations with immigrants and/or their descendants.  Then, in the second iteration of the course, student groups would map these conversations digitally.  The first and second groups of students would also reflect on their experience in a digital essay (a video reflection essay).  Finally, in the third iteration of the course, students would analyze and record a digital essay on their interaction with the finished projects (digital maps).

The learning outcomes which most interest us are those of the methodology of ethnographic interviewing, editing and selection of material, and the use of digital technology to map these interviews, presenting them in a more dynamic and engaging format for fellow students.

Additional Funding

Students will require the following materials to carry out their digital mapping projects

Total budget for equipment – $1440.



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