Elena Olive’

Project Proposal

I would like to include a digital project in Spanish 236- Advanced Grammar and Introduction to Hispanic Literature. This is a course that has long struggled to engage students beyond mechanical grammar practice and traditional literary analysis. A digital project in this course will allow students to understand better the material through creative, hands-on activity. It is exactly what students in this course need to supplement what they have learned and to take their Spanish abilities to the next level.

For this project students in Spanish 236 will create a narrated photo story, play, or poem through VoiceThread. Students will first create original poems, dramas, or narrative stories in Spanish. Students will be guided throughout this process to ensure that the grammar learned in class is applied within the text.  Through VoiceThread students will upload the final revised texts, including all dialogue and descriptions. Students then add photo images or video segments that correspond to the written text. Finally, students create a voice over which matches the text of each segment.

Having had an introduction to the three literary genres (poetry, drama, narrative) and advanced grammar lessons, this digital project allows students the opportunity to:

  1. Apply the techniques and styles from authors studied in class to create their own literature, giving them both insight to the creative process and a broadened perspective of how to analyze literature.
  2. Put into practice the grammar points studied in class in a unique, creative, and engaged way.
  3. Fine tune their pronunciation and oral skills through the voice over segment.

In sum, students will begin with a creative writing component, then move to digitizing the story, play, or poem, incorporate corresponding images, and finally, add a voice over. Each step will require editing and feedback throughout the semester.

From my end, I will need to spend time this semester and over Jan Term to get more acquainted with the digital tools available, especially VoiceThread. I also hope to have assistance from IT during this process.

The Spanish program offers this course every semester so I can teach it at least three times in seven years. I will begin in Spring 2015.

Additional Funding

I will need to purchase a single instructor license to download Voice Thread. The cost is $99 per year. For three years it will be a total of $297.

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