Johnson Center Session: Digital Tool Share

I’m here semi-live-blogging our latest Johnson Center session, “Digital Tool Share: Nailing Down and Ratcheting Up Your Digital Pedagogy” (slides will be available on the Johnson Center web page).

12:30 – Finished up with a reminder about this site and to talk to me if you’re interested in discussing more the possibility of Open Education at AC.

12:05 – Turning to group reporting.

  • Classroom Salon – online annotation tool. Can easily get away from you but useful for intraclass communication.
  • Scalar – digital publishing app that helps create pathways/linkages and visualizations.
  • RooFolio – a “blog kind of thing” which allows production of eportfolios. Frustrating interface.
  • Moodle (for commenting) – Did spark discussion, but requires manual checking of each entry.
    • Classroom Salon sorts for who posted what.
    • Moodle can do this too if you use the Discussion Forum tool.
  • Organization and logistics of graded discussion writing – Can be problems with front-loading/tail-loading, not posting enough in length and/or depth.
  • Tools that look good today can be gone tomorrow.
  • – web annotation tool. Had the unintended consequence of migrating the social structure of the students into their interactions online.
  • Kahoot – quizzing tool. Great for breaking down complex concepts step by step, but requires students to have their phones open and in use in class. Notably used frequently in the K-12 world, so students are likely to be familiar.
  • Socrative – quizzing tool. Can also be used for polling class preferences. Helpful for faculty to take temperature of the room and then potentially retool class organization.
  • Survey Monkey – polling software. Use it for pre- and post-tests to help students see how they developed during the semester.

12:00 pm – Listening in on a few groups, some have taken the group sharing shell I provided and run with it, turning more to a discussion model and letting the conversation range wherever it might want to go.  Love it. 🙂

11:55 – I’ve asked the attendees to break into small groups to discuss digital learning successes and/or failures in their own experience. Lots of good chatter happening right now.

11:50 am – I’ve just finished talking about some broad trends in Technology and Education, focused on Bryan Alexander’s excellent Future Trends in Technology and Education trends analysis, as well as providing a thumbnail sketch of a summary of my visit to the Open Education Conference last month.

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