Shannon Fox-Teichman

Project Proposal

The goal of this project is to enhance students’ digital literacy through the use of graphic arts tablets, art simulation software, and publication layout software, in the on-campus JanTerm Digital & Book Arts class. The students will learn about composition in writing and art and how to layout the composition, plus learn about the publication process. The course will incorporate a history of books, book arts and publication, enhancing this with digital literacy through instructional use of tablets and software. Although the course is designed to be fun and creative for the students, it is also planned to enhance writing and research skills through a short series of writing assignments. The student’s artworks and compositions will be compiled into a book to be published with Blurb. The stipend funds would help me purchase technology and software.

Course objectives will be attained through the advanced instructional use of the graphic tablets and software applications that include ArtRage and layout programs akin to Publisher. Course discussion will be facilitated in person and in a Moodle community board. Course progress will be documented through a blog, so a variety of supplementary digital tools will enhance digital literacy growth for the students taking this course. Videos and digital lectures will be provided in Moodle as supplemental, supportive learning modules.

Class size will remain limited to 15 in case there is another lab component taught and due to the expensive equipment supplied. Fifteen drawing pen and touch medium-sized drawing tablets would be distributed to each student to use in the instructional computer lab (not to leave the building) on the lab computers in conjunction with pre-installed ArtRage simulation software.