Links We Like

Here are some important local links for AC faculty:

Abell Library
Johnson Center for Faculty Development
Information Technology Department
Austin College YouTube Home

There are many other blogs and websites that help to inform us about digital pedagogy in higher education. Here are some of our favorites, which we encourage you to explore and to follow. And let us know if you have suggestions to add to this list.

Casting Out Nines
Wired Campus
Hack Education
Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities
Inverted (Flipped) Classroom Wiki
Digital Humanities Tools for Beginners
Web Writing. Why and How for Liberal Arts Teachers
Development for the Digital Humanities
HASTAC Pedagogy Project

Here are links are to the websites of some instructional or academic technology centers at other colleges and universities that we have found helpful.

Carnegie Mellon Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
Channel Islands Teaching and Learning Innovation
Duke Center for Instructional Technology
Middlebury College Digital Liberal Arts
Notre Dame NspireD2
Occidental College Center for Digital Liberal Arts
Penn State Office of Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship
St. Edward’s Instructional Technology
Santa Clara University Digital Resources for Teaching
University of Oklahoma Academic Tech
Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning
Whittier College Digital Liberal Arts Center


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