Digital Pedagogy Johnson Center Lunches–March 5, 19

johnson centerBernice Melvin, Director of the Johnson Center for Faculty Development and Excellence in Teaching, has graciously offered DP@AC two Thursday lunch periods for March. We’re kicking around some ideas for discussion, but we’d like to hear from faculty…what issues and topics related to digital pedagogy would you like to discuss and hear more about? We interpret “digital pedagogy” pretty broadly, so if you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions, post a comment and let us know.

2 thoughts on “Digital Pedagogy Johnson Center Lunches–March 5, 19”

  1. Given I just got my first iOS device, I’d be interested to know more about apps anyone is using for academic/scholarly/productivity purposes. Other topics could be using how to use mapping software (create interactive maps we could put online), how to get the most out of Moodle, or maybe a tutorial/evaluation of Google Forms as a research tool. Thanks!

    • Thanks Ian, we’ll add these ideas to the mix. Is your iOS device an iPhone or an iPad? Most iOS apps run pretty much the same on either device, though not all. And in terms of pedagogy, there can be significant differences between the tablet and the smartphone, though the lines are being blurred by the introduction of larger phones (“phablets”) and smaller tablets (e.g., iPad mini). I am currently on an Android platform for mobile, but the majority of developers tend, I think, to create for both iOS and Android. I’ll do a bit of research on this and your other suggestions, and get back to you here in the comment section. Meanwhile, let’s see what our colleagues have to say.


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